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Food, Glorious Food

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Fry bake

A staple on every NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) course. Durable, yet light enough to take on the longest expeditions.

Simply the best piece of backpacking/camping kitchen equipment we own. GSI or MSR cooking sets have nothing on these in terms of expanding your backcountry cooking repertoire.

The fry bake sautees, boils, and most impressive of all… it bakes!!! With practice you can almost bake like you were home.

The following have been successfully prepared on our fry bakes:

Apple pie

Blackberry pie


Fruit cobbler

Banana bread




Cinnamon rolls

Unfortunately they are not readily available at your local outdoor shops. Visit for information on where to purchase them. The fry bakes come in three different sizes. I would recommend purchasing the Expedition and Deep Alpine Fry Bake sets with the Rada Serverspoon and Potgripz Pliers. Add a cooking pot of your choice (if cooking for more than two people) to the mix and prepare for gourmet eating!

You shouldn't have to live on protein bars and dehydrated food during a climbing trip.


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